I had heard about online title loans, but I was skeptical. They sounded a lot like pawn loans or payday loans, and to be honest, neither of those had a good reputation. But a friend convinced me to look into title loans a little more, and once I did, I realize that they have a lot of benefits. Paying for that new roof suddenly didn’t seem so impossible!

Benefits Of Online Title Loan

Here are some of the unbelievable benefits of online title loans that I discovered that convinced me to get one:

The Process is Fast and Easy

I’ve applied for loans before, and the process always seemed to take forever. The lenders would ask for document after document, and I’d have to sign and check off every statement on every page of a huge contract. It could sometimes take hours and sometimes take weeks to get the loan approved. I wasn’t looking forward to more of the same with an East Las Vegas title loan.

Fortunately, the process was really easy! It only took a few minutes to fill out everything online and get a response. Then I had to bring in a few pieces of documentation – like an ID and the title to my car – and I had the money I needed in 30 minutes.

I Got to Keep My Car

Like a lot of people, I thought that if I got a title loan, I would have to hand over my car – just like when you pawn something, you give it up while you are repaying the loan. But I never had to do that. I got to drive my car the entire time. Sure, I had to hand over my title, but I never had to give them the car itself. I didn’t have to worry about how I was going to get to work, the grocery store, or anywhere else. I took care of my financial issues without causing any new ones with a lack of reliable transportation.

You Can Use Different Vehicles for the Loan

I used my car to get my title loan, but when I was researching title loans, I found out that they are available for more than just cars. You can get a title loan for a truck, RV, camper, or even a motorhome. That’s good news for me since I also own a truck that I use for work. I know that if I need more money in the future, I can use both vehicles to take out a bigger loan.

They are Less Costly than a Cash Advance

You may think that it’s no big deal to take out a cash advance on your credit card if you only need a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. But the rates on those cash advances is astronomical, and you’ll end up paying back what you borrowed many times over. Ditto for other cash advances, like payday loans.

Title loans cost much less than a cash advance. They have lower interest rates and lower fees, so you can pay them back faster, and you’ll spend much less in the long run.

Repayment is Easy

You have a lot of options for repaying your title loan, including paying it back online or in person at one of the title loan offices. You get a repayment schedule when you take out the loan, so you know exactly when payments are due and how much you have to pay each time.

They Help Eliminate Stress

Nothing is more stressful than finding out that you owe a lot of money and don’t have it available – whether you got into an accident and aren’t covered by your insurance, you have to make a repair on your home, or you’ve just fallen behind on some bills. Getting a fast and easy title loan relieves that stress and helps you get back on your feet quickly.

I got my title loan through USA Money Today, and the people there were friendly and professional. I applied online to get a fast decision, and I went into the office to finish the process and get the money. Everyone I talked with was friendly and answered all my questions thoroughly. USA Money Today has several locations, which made it easy for me to find one near my home. I highly recommend them for a car title loan!


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