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    Getting a Title Loan From USA Money Today

    At USA Money Today, we provide high-approval rate car title loans. With a title loan in Las Vegas, you are actually taking out a short-term loan designed to meet temporary cash flow needs. (Please note that we are not a check cashing store or pawn shop but solely a title loan company.)

    Getting a car title loan with us is a fast and easy process. Just bring the documents listed below to any of our 4 convenient Las Vegas area locations and we’ll help you get the cash you need today!

    car title equals cash when obtaining a car title loan

    What Exactly Is A Car Title Loan?

    A car title loan is a short-term secured Las Vegas title loan. It enables us to help practically anyone in Nevada get a loan. Because the borrower puts their car, truck or RV title up for security, we’re able to provide money quickly. The loans are short-term, usually intended to help the borrower with emergencies or surprise expenses. They can be repaid in full in a very short amount of time.

    We are one of the few title loan lenders in Las Vegas that charges interest by the day instead of the entire month. That means if you get a title loan and decide to pay it back three weeks early, you’ll pay interest only for the period that you had the loan, not for the entire month.

    Our Vegas title loan programs are the most competitive in the industry. Car title loans are useful for those who need cash fast for financial obligations. The entire process is completely confidential and always secure.

    What You Will Need

    • 01
      A Clean Car Title Issued In Your Name
    • 02
      Current Nevada Registration and Insurance Certificate
    • 03
      Your Current Driver’s License
    • 04
      Proof of Income (Last Pay Stub or Last Bank Statement If Self-Employed)
    • 05
      Proof of Nevada Residency (Current Utility Bill in Your Name)

    Frequently-Asked Questions About Title Loans

    A loan that is secured by your vehicle. We keep your clear Nevada title as collateral interest. When your loan is due, you can:1) Pay the interest to extend the loan for additional months 2) Pay the interest and principal to reduce the loan 3) Pay the loan in full.
    You must own a paid off vehicle or RV with a Clear Nevada Title, be 18 years of age and have a current permanent residence.
    The title loan amount is based upon the value of your vehicle or RV. Call any time for an estimate of how much you may be eligible for.
    We can approve your application in just a few minutes and you can walk out with your money in under 25 minutes!
    It depends on which of our loan programs you qualify for.
    When the title loan comes due, you may pay only the interest to extend the loan, or you may pay it off, or pay interest plus any amount of principal to reduce your next payment.
    YES, you get to keep and drive your vehicle the entire time.
    You can start the process immediately by filling out the form at the top of this page or by calling any of our locations in Las Vegas or Henderson.