So, you came to visit Sin City, had a blast so far, and are now left with not enough cash after entertainment, drinks, food, and partying to continue experiencing the big life Las Vegas has to offer. Before you pack your bags and take the first flight home, know that there are still a few pretty easy ways to get some fast cash and extend your stay. Right below, you will find the most preferred options for a traveler to fill his/her pocket with several hundreds of those precious Benjamins.

Get a Quick Cash Advance Loan

Cash advances or payday loans are cash loans that allow you to get by when you are in a pinch. They are also practical options to tide you over when an emergency or an unexpected expense crops up. All in all, cash advance loans are created to cover short-term cash needs and are usually repaid over a few weeks, or until your next payday. If you are lucky enough to have what is required on hand, you may qualify for a payday loan of up to $1500, depending on the case and your source of income.

The application process is quick, easy, and available online so no second is (unnecessarily) lost. The information you will need to hand over to the cash advance loan company is, most of the times, your ID, social security number, address, phone number, checking account number, and source of income. You just fill out a form and if your application is approved (it rarely takes more than a few minutes to know), you will receive your cash advance loan (the exact amount depends on the regulations of the retail financial services provider).

Now, if you don’t have checking account, you can still get some cash to hold you over while in Las Vegas with an installment loan.

Get an Installment or Signature Loan

Generally speaking, instalment loans are loans that are repaid over time with a specific number of scheduled payment (hence, the name). The loan term varies and could range from a few months to 30 years or so. As for a signature loan, it is a personal loan offered by both finance companies and banks alike that only requires the borrower’s signature – this is why it is also referred to as good faith loan. You may get a signature loan and use it for any purpose you choose. Your promise to pay back the loan acts as the security for the repayment of the loan. In our case, getting an instalment loan or a signature loan will offer you some extra cash instantly to spend as you please. Depending on the company you choose to do business with, you may be offered a low-cost option that comes at a few cents per day for every $100 you borrow while you may also pay off the loan at any given time without being penalized for it. So, check the loan provider’s terms and conditions carefully before you sign the dotted line. Also, make sure you will pay only for the time you have the loan.

Although the state of Nevada requires a credit check, you may still be able to get money even if you have credit issues or no checking account. Bring in your ID, social security number, valid telephone number and proof of your address, as well as some information about your income, and try your luck.

Distribute Fliers or Cards

There are thousands of cars out there and merely enough people to wallpaper those vehicles with fliers. It is a job that can pay you an average of $12 and up to $28 per hour or even more. If handing out cards of massage therapists to tourists passing by on the Las Vegas Strip is more up your alley, you will find plenty of opportunities to do so and earn some extra cash fast. Look for such job openings at job boards like Craigslist, Jobs2Careers, or Indeed.

Tip: There are also lots of sign-spinner/holder jobs that can bring in some quick money. Check out job boards like SimplyHired or sites like Alluring Advertising.

Benefit from Free Entry Cards

Las Vegas is littered with coupon booklets, where you can find amazing discount deals to all the major attractions. This option may not earn you some extra cash but it will help you save a few more bucks to spend later on. That aside, every hotel shop offers free entry cards to night clubs around it while every other bar gives you 2-for-1 drink vouchers. So, do ask for these cards at the reception when you arrive at the hotel or stand in the casino thoroughfare giving away such cards.

Advertise on your Body

You may find it difficult to believe it but there are actually companies out there that are willing to pay consumers to get a tattoo with their logos! See, for example, this 30-year-old woman that had the brand of a gambling website tatted on her forehead. She got $10,000 for it and, of course, tons of publicity. Now, if you are not partial to doing something like that, there are companies that recruit consumers to wear temporary tattoos to advertise.

Pawn Something

Pawn shop owners drool over precious metals, like gold and silver. So, the more you know about how to sell your gold and silver coins, bullions, or jewelry, the more money you will get from pawning them. To find reputed stores that buy gold and silver, you may want to check out this list or Yelp’s list of local gold and silver dealers, pawn shops, coin dealers, and jewelry shops. You only need to enter the zip code of the area in North Las Vegas you are in or simply search by city.

Tip: You could use a gold and silver calculator to get an approximate value for the amount of gold or silver in your item, so you are more informed before stepping into a pawn shop.

Take Out an Auto Title Loan

A car title loan is a super fast way to get cash instantly. Instead of your credit rating, you use your car title. The application process has become easier than ever because most title loan agencies offer online application services so you literally end up with a few hundred (and up to a couple of thousand) dollars just by handing over your car’s title (you still get to keep driving your vehicle) for a specified amount of time, depending on the loan repayment plan you have chosen. Just make sure you select a plan that suits your financial needs at the time and, of course, your budget.

To apply for an auto title loan in Las Vegas, you are usually required to have a clean car title in your name, have an up-to-date registration (preferably from the state of Nevada), and your driver’s license, along with proof of insurance (required by law), proof or income, and proof of residency (for the title loan agencies that take out car title loans to Nevada residents only).

Once your application is approved (you get a reply in a few minutes) for an auto title loan, you will get your cash (and drive away with it)! The exact sum you will receive depends on the value of your vehicle. As for the costs for taking out the title loan (and the interest rate), they will be determined by the loan program you select or the program you qualify for.

Tip: If you have already had a Nevada car title loan, you may also consider refinancing it. Look for local title loan agencies that offer such an option. In this case, the agency will pay off your current title loan with a new title loan, with better terms that include repayments within your budget.

To enjoy yourself in Las Vegas you do not need to be loaded with cash. There are lots of free things to do and see that are equally exciting to the paid attractions there. However, if you do spend your last dime savouring the pleasures of Sin City, there are plenty of great ways to make some extra money fast and keep the party rolling!